The only work of art that is interesting to me, is a new humanity.
Art is not enough anymore, because the concept is not enough anymore. And all art is conceptual.
Untitled Ocean is life without attachment to concepts.
The collapse of concepts seems to have occured.
Art as humanity. Humanity as art.
Live Abstract Love.

We need to make better concepts and strategies in order to improve the world.
World society needs the knowledge and the intellect of art and philosophy.
To improve world society is now more important than art.
Art is not dead, but it makes sense to say so.
Art is constituted by concepts that are limited and that has only temporary validity.
This goes for science and philosophy, too, as we have seen through history.
The world needs better knowledge about concepts and how we attach to them.
The purpose of art should be to transcend the conceptual in order to achieve a higher degree of validity.
The intellectual and spiritual and esthetic resources of art and philosophy should influence society.
Attitude and knowledge can be seen as a work of art in itself.
The future of art is to make art more influential in society and politics.
The future work of art could be society and humanity itself.

Art should be society. Society should be art.
Art could be humanity. Humanity could be art.

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